Swimming & Diving Redesign




My name is Ellen Hacker and I have just started working at the Ball State Digital Publishing Studio in September. I wanted to provide a sneak peek at my first project, redesigning the swimming and diving app.


The original swimming and diving app was a little muddled with a water textured background. In addition, the app combined the men’s and women’s section, which made it difficult to tell what meet was for the men or the women. To resolve these issues, I separated the men’s and women’s app into two sections and removed the water texture in order to make the app cleaner and easier to read. This created new challenge. I had to ensure that the app still had a distinct swimming and diving style.


My first approach redesigning the app was clean and simple, and maybe even a little too simple. I used red bars for the navigation and just bolded the titles for each page. But it didn’t really stay true to the sport because there were no water elements that would make you think that you were in the swimming and diving app. The red was also too loud and in your face.


With my second approach for the app, I still wanted to subtly reincorporate some elements of water. To accomplish this, I used a clipping mask in Illustrator to add a water texture into the heading text. I use these “water words” to signify what section of the app that the user is on. So, if you are looking at the 2016-2017 schedule for the women’s swimming and diving team, that title will have the water texture treatment on it.




I’ve also been working on fixing and updating the media guide. There were some inconsistencies in the original design, so I spent a lot of time making sure things were spaced evenly to ensure the page was well balanced. I’m a little bit of a perfectionist when it comes to spacing. The Align tool in InDesign has been my best friend these past few weeks.


I’ve loved the experience I’ve already gotten in these few short weeks I’ve been working for DPS. I already find myself getting faster and working more efficiently in InDesign. This job allows me to have a daily creative outlet, so it hasn’t really felt like a job to me. Working in the studio has been a really great challenge, and I look forward to seeing the app when it is complete.



  • Ryan W.